Trip to Madrid

Been a while since I posted here. You all might have wondered if I stopped :-) Was to busy, to lazy but decided to post about last weekend.

This year the company I work for is celebrating the fact they exist for 25 years. We got treated with a 3 day trip to Madrid together with our loved ones. A very nice gift.

Last Friday we had to take a plain from Schiphol (Netherlands) so we drove there in the middle of the night. Took off early in the morning and we arrived in Madrid with lots of rain. With a group of more then 100 people we took the metro downtown towards the hotel. Got soaking wet during a 200 meter walk (even with an umbrella). We still had a lot of fun. Once checked in we decided to go for lunch and relax a bit. Madrid is a bit like Amsterdam, it’s a huge city with diners on every corner.

That evening we strolled to the center and had a very nice time eating Tapas in some local restaurant. With a group of six everyone ordered what the liked and we shared the food all over the table, a bit of this, a bite of that. Late that evening we visited some bars until every normal bar closed at 1 AM already (it seems only nightclubs and disco’s are opened till later that morning).

Saterday and Sunday we had a great time. Diner with all co-workers and their partners. Bus-tours around the city, strolling through the inner city, etc…






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