Klout, a socialmedia ‘service’ where others can unsubscribe you.

Been active on g+ for a while now and since a few weeks people started to give me Klout points. The people who did are being nice by doing this but there is a downside here. Klout is a service that is gathering peoples social media postings like twitter, facebook and g+. The Klout points you get will give you a higher score. Overall it is stated that a higher ranking states you are able to influence a lot of people.
To be hones I wouldn’t give a sh*t about it since I have no product to sell. Neither do I run a blog that is aiming to track a lot of visitors.

The first problem is once you start receiving Klout points you will also be spammed with a weekly status or more (depending on the points you receive). This will trick you into logging in to see what the service is about. But wait, hold, how can I login? Yes, the next trick. You are being forced to login with either Twitter or Facebook. It is not a service where you can login using some temporary e-mail address. And so I did, with Facebook. It will ask permission to show all of your data and be able to access it anytime anywhere. You can control that however. I do think it is bad since it is turned on by default and I think most people do not even read what they ask.

Since I did not like the idea, it rather annoyed me, I decided to unsubscribe and noticed that although the unsubscribe link was munged I was presented an url where I did see my e-mail address. The tiny hacker in my decided to see what could be done with it and I decided to annoy them too. I changed it to sales@klout.com and pressed enter. See the result at the image on the left.

Today I decided to see if my own data was still shown. It partly does but I can wonder if that is illegal It is public data so I am aware it will be indexed.

The big warning for everyone depending on Klout to get a high ranking is that probably anyone can unsubscribe you. Even more bad, you can unsubscribe anyone this way from being notified.

Currently the site claimes it does not have any info about me besides my score.



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