Sopa/Pipa, etc…a

Maybe we should be prepared to a completely different kind of internet once SOPA and PIPA get accepted. It indeed will be a very poorly informing network that will only have common sites hosted by isp’s who are scanning everything with deeppacket inspects to see if anything ‘illegal’ will be posted.

Here in Europa a lot of companies, mostly German as far as I know, are already scanning Tor, Torrent usage, proxies, etc.. These are mostly companies that act for movie produces like Paramount and other local producers. They are acting like normal users and are gathering information about ipnumbers, etc..

If a user is down/uploading illegal stuff within a country where they can act they will ask for the user address and details like the official name, etc.. This is done with a court order. After that they will offer the down/uploader a plan to plea guilty and to pay a fine (never do that, hire a specialized lawyer).

Some six months ago these companies also started contacting ISP’s in countries where they have no rights to act. Most of the ISP’s are working global or European. They are contacting their customers to make sure their users are stopped uploading (in the Netherlands) and downloading (in countries) copyrighted stuff.

Now let’s consider the following. There is this world wide isp that is hosting fiber for local operating fiber users. Let’s call them Ziggo, Casema, T-Online, Comcast, whatever. The current bills like SOPA and PIPA might not give the US the rights to kill those sites but they will put presure on the world wide isp to do something about this. They might even put presure on the dns root server maintainers to act.

In the end this isp will need to block local isp’s to make sure they can survive in other parts of the world.

Alternatives will be started. Anonymous might start their own dns system, there is opendns, there are other alternatives. This does not help you if your provider is not allowed to connect to the network….

Let’s stop all of those stupid bills.


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