Testing gnome-shell and unity

I’ve had some complaints about how unity looks but this is only from what I have seen on a pc of a co worker and what I have seen on the web. Also the switch from Rythmbox to Banshee is something I do not like, that is a financial choice i.m.h.o. I decided to try it myself and see if my opinion is valid or just something I should ignore.

Since I also wanted to test gnome-shell I downloaded 2 distro’s (a live cd listed at the gnome3 site and unity (natty narwhal). The first one came with a script to empty my usb, put the iso files on it. I was able to reboot (after selecting usb as the first drive) and after a few minutes (it was very slow) it came up with the gnome-shell using the special features. I toyed a bit with it and was pleased, until I selected to show all of the apps. The icons came up showing very ugly (most of them had 16 colors). I took a picture of it since I was not able to find the grab function real quick. It is just to give the viewer an idea of what it looked like.

After this I burned the Unity live cd on usb using the script. That did not work. It seems that my asus eee 1501U needs upgraded settings if I reboot again. Needed to switch the first drive again to the usb drive. I also found that 10.10 hold a very neat piece of software that will create a new usb image.

Once I booted 11.04 beta 1 I was a bit disappointed. I was thrown back into the fall back version of gnome 2.x. I was not able to select any nvidia drivers.

One thing is nice. I can still use the new LTS version and tune it myself to use Cairo Dock or something simular if it will not work with the final version. The sad thing is that I was not able to test Unity.



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