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Dear Blog spammer

Please do not take the time to send met automated blogspam. I will not post these online. Nor will I buy your viagra, visit your sex sites, play your infecting pokergame if you promise me 550 dollars. Nor will I make the comments visible that tend to send ontopic comments in English to a Dutch article …………………………


Oracle certificates

A while ago I was asked to do a pre employment scan. Not that they did not trust me, I am working for my employer for nearly 6 years, but some customers might decide to choose for our company.

Since I moved to Germany a few years back I still have papers hidden in boxes, including my Oracle certificates. The copy we had scanned was a little unreadable. I asked the company doing the pes to contact Oracle and ask them if I indeed graduated for it. To my surprise they answered Oracle is not willing to provide details about this to a third party. Now how does one need to check if these are real? The certificate itself is rather simple (if I remember correctly). It would be easy to create a false one, provide it to anyone who askes for it and be certified in their eyes.

Anyone willing to clear this? Is the company who checked me not able to get this information or is this a true story?

php security

Today I visited an irc channel where some core developers are having a chat. They hang out, they chit chat and sometimes even talk about php.

Was approached by a developer who stated he has the next big cool thing. A framework/objectbase that enables you to do anything (a very true statement). Somewhere in this talk it mentioned security. I’ve been out of this for a long time but it still has my private focus. I asked a few questions and the original coder asked me to audit it.

There are a few things I ask beforeĀ  I start auditing.

1. Is that your site?
2. Is your code security aware?
3. Do you mind a full disclosure after I have given you the time to fix it.

I still need the answer to item number 1. It took me a few minutes to create a username that only was visible for someone using the mysql commandline tool to look in the database. The admin interface did not show it.

If item 1 is answered and item 3 is answered positive a fix in my name might be posted by the creators.

volle supermaan

Vanavond even snel een foto gemaakt van de supermaan. Geen geweldige foto maar het is maar om een idee te krijgen.

Het zal weer 28 jaar duren voor de maan zo dicht bij staat dat hij weer zo groot lijkt.

Blijkbaar is de volgende supermoon al in 2016

Duits rijbewijs

Het is hem gelukt. Alain heeft vanmorgen, na een paar theorie examens in het Engels, zijn praktijk in 1 keer gehaald. Was er gezond nerveus voor maar hij heeft het goed gedaan.

Het leuke is dat je in Duitsland gelijk je rijbewijs meekrijgt. Heb hem dus de sleutels in de handen gedrukt zodat hij naar huis kon rijden. Een vreemde ervaring want meestal zit hij naast mij.


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