snmpinfo, a new nagios plugin

Had some fun (see the picture) creating a new snmp plugin. I always wondered if it would not be possible to get all of the ethernet devices in a device and get the complete info about the mtu size, the oper/admin status, etc.. Currently the base works in Nagios, it shows the complete information and return’s an error when an snmp session could not be established or shows an OK when it is possible to get the status.

Next thing to do is toy around with the Getopt::…. options to make sure you can be warned once a named device is down.

It currently works on debian pc’s. Will give it a try at windows pc/servers and other stuff like HP-UX, Cisco, etc…

Update: 22 September

Tested it on Cisco, MSA storage, Vmware ESX, etc… It seems they are all using a good snmp implementation. Will start cleaning up the code and release it as GPL soon.

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