Is Monty spamming?

Since I do a lot of business using MySQL I am subscribed to a few newsletters from I used to be subscribed at my home e-mail address but since I am working for a company for more then a few years now I also subscribed with my business e-mail address.

Today I received an email form stating the following:


I am contacting you because you have in the past shown interest in
MySQL and from that I assume you are interested in the future
well-being of MySQL.

Now you have a unique opportunity to make a difference.  By signing
the petition at you can help affect the
future of MySQL as an Open Source database.

You can find more information of this on my latest blog post at:

Help us spread the world about this petition! is available in 18 languages and every vote
is important, independent of from where in the world it comes!
If you know people that are using MySQL, please contact them and
ensure they also sign the petition!

Creator of MySQL

PS: If you already have signed the petition or know about it, sorry for
reminding you about this! Because of the importance of this issue,
I am trying to contact every person that I have ever communicated
with regarding MySQL.

Although I am very thankful for the free software there are some limits in how data is supposed to be handled once someone sells his product and company to another company. Currently it looks like he is using everyone who ever subscribed to the list in the past to spam his cry for help. Is he allowed to use this data?

As far as I know the owners sold MySQL to Sun and they sold it to Oracle. I do not think he is entitled to use people who are subsribed (and not at all if it is used to send massive unsolicited email). What will he do if the users are not responding? Sell the data to another company?


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One thought on “Is Monty spamming?

  1. […] Januari the 4th I posted about Monty who seems to spam all users, even those addresses he seems to have sold to Sun. I replied on the page where he points […]

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