Twitter, a pain in the *ss for social networking

It’s been going on for while now and I really hate it. Social networks are trying to keep up in the ratrace and are all offering Twitter feed postings.

One would think it’s a good thing. I’m sure there are is some impact that will enrich content but when I look at how it is used then it really is not worth looking at it. An example:

Browsing the linkedin page to see what’s new I see some people posting messages that are maybe relevant for Hyves, their own twitter feed or whatever social network they are using but it’s absolutely out of context on a lot of those sites. People using it do not seem to understand that something like ” @stan sure, shall we meet at the same time? ” is not giving other users any info that is related to their network. Even worse, it even looks like it should be a private message.

Some might say, just ignore those messages. I would love to but some most social networks are not giving me the tools to do that. And even worse, I see some three announcements a week about adding ‘microblogging’ to networks.

I know a lot of people that feel the same way. Even have seen some polls about the usage of twitter. About 60 80% of the people entering those polls hate it. Maybe we are all to old for it?

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