Tcms, importing webui 5.x data

Currently I have created an import script for importing all kinds of data from WebGUI 5.x data into tcms. It can import the following:

  • Users (need to write some code to authenticate the users with their webgui password)
  • Groups
  • The complete recursive menu structure. (need to find the best tcms way to give user rights to it).
  • Concatted article wobjects, all having their own div class

The script only needed some 150 lines of code and takes about 10 seconds on a slow ppc. I hope to keep the total number of lines at around 200 when it is fully finished.

What’s next?

I will concentrate on the gui of tcms. Currently it supports some features but it lacks basic stuff such as adding meta data to a page, grant user/group rights, etc.. Hope to have this done in a few weeks.

After that I will clean up the code, make a first audit on security and then release it to a small audience for some feedback. Maybe even setup a hackme version.

I’ve also started to think about the license. It will have a dual license so I am able to give back to the community and make some money on it myself. Need to think about the full details on this.


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