Why you should not use OSX for Perl development

Today I found the time to work on an import module for tcms. The plan was to write some simple modules in perl te browse the webgui users on database foo and chain the user and group id into a seperate table on database bar.

This could be done using functions and procedures in MySQL but I decided to use some perl to do this. I wrote some 20 lines of code to create a connection to both of the databases, get some results and loop through them.

Bingo, error one…

Can’t locate DBI.pm in @INC

No problem, I am being able to use apt-get on this macmini, and installed it. Then the next error showed up:

Can’t locate DBD/mysql.pm in @INC

Again, should not be a problem. Apt-get should be my friend… I used apt-cache to look for the correct module name but then found that MySQL isn’t supported..

dbd-pg-pm581 – upgrade package for dbd-pg-pm581
dbd-pg-pm581-ssl – upgrade package for dbd-pg-pm581-ssl
dbd-pg-pm586 – upgrade package for dbd-pg-pm586
dbd-pg-pm586-ssl – upgrade package for dbd-pg-pm586-ssl
dbd-pg-unified-pm581 – PostgreSQL Perl DBI module
dbd-pg-unified-pm586 – PostgreSQL Perl DBI module
dbd-sqlite-pm581 – Self Contained RDBMS (based on SQLite3)
dbd-sqlite-pm586 – Self Contained RDBMS (based on SQLite3)
dbi-pm581 – Perl Database Interface by Tim Bunce
dbi-pm586 – Perl Database Interface by Tim Bunce
libdbi – Database Independent Abstraction Layer for C
libdbi-dev – Development package for libdbi
libdbi-shlibs – Shared libraries for libdbi

The above modules are the only ones supported by Fink it seems. Browsing for the lib on Google I did find Package dbd-mysql-pm588-4.005-11. So, why isn’t it in Fink?

I’m not giving up that easy so I tried to update Fink itself.

# fink selfupdate
fink needs you to choose a SelfUpdateMethod.
(1) rsync
(2) cvs
(3) Stick to point releases

Choose an update method [1]
Failed: selfupdate method ‘rsync’ requires the package ‘dev-tools’


I should not only switch to PostgreSQL but I should also upgrade Tiger to a good debian machine. Even Debian Stable does not have these problems…



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