Building a community network

Over the last couple of days I had a discussion per e-mail over the fact that I do not accept people to be a contact if they hide their contacts for me. We respect each others opinions on this but I did want to take the time to write about this.

The facts. I am on Linkedin and have a growing number of business contacts. Partly business partners and partly people I know from the open source community. In my opinion people building a network should consider to share the people they know. It’s part of the idea of building a social or business network.
I took a closer look at my list and found that some people have adjusted their setting and are not showing contact anymore. This worries me. I even wonder if these people should use business networks like Linkedin.
Maybe some of you can start a discussion on this and let me know where I can read it?
Update, the discussion is online at:

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One thought on “Building a community network

  1. Hans W... September 3, 2008 at 5:46 pm Reply

    As a result of the discussion about this subject on Linkedin itself (Linkedin answers) I was told this evening that the person in question is informing his contact about opening up his connections for other people he connect to.I am very pleased about this.

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